Welcome to kikogoats.info
This website is sponsored by Egypt Creek Ranch for the purpose
of promoting the Kiko breed and to serve as a clearinghouse for in-
formation from independent Kiko producers around the country. 
The Kiko was developed in New Zealand, which has a temperate cli-
mate much like that of the Southeastern United States. That makes
this meat goat an ideal livestock for the eastern half of the nation.
Unlike the Boer goat, which was developed in the very hot, very
arid savanna of South Africa, the Kiko is right at home in the humid
climate of the Eastern U.S. This means the Kiko needs less de-
worming, less hoof trimming -- in other words, less maintenance
-- than the Boer goat.

This website is not affiliated with any Kiko goat association.

Egypt Creek Ranch has been raising Kikos since 1997,
when it purchased its first buck, a Moneymaker son.
Since that time, bloodlines have been added from Gold-
mine, Terminator, JTV Kikos and Goats Unlimited Kikos.
Terry Hankins and his wife, Belinda, invite those interest-
ed in the Kiko goat to visit Egypt Creek Ranch and see
these magnificent animals thriving and making a living off
the land. Egypt Creek Ranch is located in northwest Mis-
sissippi, 45 miles south of Memphis, Tenn. In addition to
raising goats, Terry Hankins publishes Goat Rancher
magazine, the nation's No. 1 meat goat publication.